Angelic is a novella set in the Women of the Otherworld universe and occurs somewhere between Living with the Dead and Frostbitten. Whilst you can read the main novels without the shorter works, I don’t think these novellas work by themselves and will contain spoilers for the series. Originally, it was only available as a limited edition hardback through Subterranean, but has more recently been released as an ebook for those that missed out. I’m still a little sad that this is the only book missing from my Kelley Armstrong collection but it was great to have a chance to read it without paying secondary market prices. The Subterranean books seem to be easier to get hold of now that they also release ebooks and they are top quality books. I have both Counterfeit Magic and Hidden from them.

So it’s a little story about Eve and her angelic duties. It’s always nice to visit the Otherworld but there wasn’t enough meat to the story. Yes, it’s a novella, but I would expect one thing dealt with in more detail rather than a few things skimmed over. There was hardly any description of the djinn she was hunting and there was a couple of new minor characters to get to grips with. I’m not a huge fan of the illustration style either, although this is similar across the limited editions.

Eve has to put off her holiday with Kristof for a few days and I liked the sound of what she had planned. I think I would have preferred reading about the holiday more than a quick โ€œmissionโ€. As this year marks the final instalment of the series, I’m sure I’ll be re-reading, in order, all the novels, novellas and short stories in the future.