You may remember when I was flying through the Morganville Vampires series, reading them back to back for some light relief. I had to force myself to put them down at the end of Lord of Misrule to get back to my normal reading material. Well, I really shouldn’t have forced myself, Carpe Corpus would have been my Morganville cold shower.

Like the others, it carries on from the previous book’s plot, however with a gap in my reading it took me a while to remember what was going on. It doesn’t have any real plot to it, I mean I really couldn’t summarise it for you and I finished it yesterday! It seems to me that it’s an attempt to tidy up all the loose ends from previous Morganville escapades, which means that we can start afresh in the next one.

There’s still some good bits, like the vampire computer and most of Myrnin’s scenes. Claire finally passes the age of consent so we don’t have to hear about that excuse for the hundredth time. It’s still got some of the humour that makes the series so endearing.

The ending seemed really out of place, not with the general world of Morganville but in its placement in the book. I thought it was being wrapped up and I was getting bored. Then suddenly something quite serious happens but that’s over again in a few pages.

A reliable source tells me this is the low point of the series and it gets back to its normal, addictive goodness in the next book, Fade Out. The newly published omnibus editions might make sense, with 3 novels per book, they seem like the perfect way to read the series. And at least Carpe Corpus has an end.