As some of you already know, my laptop adapter went poof this week so I’m a bit behind in web-related tasks including this week’s Review Copy Cleanup challenge. As the idea is to share a few lines from an upcoming release that you’re reading, I will do so from the book I was reading yesterday, The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. Please note this is taken from an uncorrected proof copy and therefore may not be exactly the same in the final edition.

“Right, Flossie. Come on, now, no buggering about.” The goat looked up and trotted a few paces away. “Enough of that. Stay still,” Tom caught it by the collar and fastened the rope. “There. That’s that. All right, Lulu.” Turning, he felt a tingling in his arms, a split second before his conscious mind realised why. Lucy was sitting on a slight mound, where the grass grew more thickly than on the flatter land around it. He avoided this part of the island, which to him seemed permanently shadowed and gloomy, no matter how bright the day.

Publication date: 26th April 2012