Woohoo! I have made it through a whole year of blogging and what a year it’s been. I started the blog as a place to write random things I thought about when I was reading books. I didn’t intend to do reviews but they sort of crept up on me. I’ve made some great blogging friends and read some amazing books that I probably wouldn’t have picked up if I hadn’t been reviewing them. Thank you to every one of my followers and all the lovely people in publishing that have trusted me with their treasured books. Here’s to another successful year!

I have a number of giveaways planned to celebrate too. So don’t go away.

Fab Bloggers

Hannah @ Once Upon A Time
Lainy @ So Many Books, So Little Time
Birgit @ The Book Garden
Scott @ Me And My Big Mouth
Simon @ Savidge Reads
Jackie @ Farm Lane Books
Judith @ Leeswammes’ Blog
Amanda @ On a Book Bender
Karen @ Book World In My Head
Sam @ Tiny Library
Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Tea
Celine @ Nyx Book Reviews
Teresa @ Lovely Treez Reads

…and so many more that I just don’t have the space to list.

It’s also customary for me to impart some pearls of wisdom on this fine day…

It’s your blog!

And you can do what you like with it! OK, don’t break the law (which includes copyright, libel and harassment) but if you want to run a blog dedicated to how much you hate Jonathan Franzen, you can (and I think it would be popular right now). There are loads of blog posts with guidelines onto how to run your book blog which are written like they are commandments. They are not, they are simply one person’s opinion of how they like book blogs to be. Use the parts you agree with, ignore the rest. You cannot please everyone so don’t make yourself unhappy by doing things you don’t want to do.

The best thing about blogs in general is that they are for expressing personal opinion. You’re not going to agree with everyone. If someone doesn’t like the way you’re doing things, they don’t have to read your blog. And you don’t have to read the blogs of people that get on your nerves! This may be a controversial thing to say but I feel I have to say it for those worrying whether or not they conform.

If you’re super mean, there’s a risk no one will read your blog but some people just don’t care They’re the hermits of the blogging world, happily typing away for their own indulgence. That’s OK, if it’s what works for them.*

*Obviously, these types of bloggers are unlikely to get review copies if that’s what you’re aiming for but I think you should blog for the love of it first and the other stuff will follow.