One lucky winner will receive three signed paperbacks from Marika Cobbold and a runner up will receive a signed copy of Drowning Rose. This giveaway is open to European residents only (don’t fret, the rest of my blogoversary giveaways will be international).

Drowning Rose is her latest novel, just published in paperback this month. Marika’s other books have recently been reissued by Bloomsbury and are now available in paperback and ebook formats. Read the book blurb below (not my words).

Drowning Rose
It is winter in London. Eliza Cummings, a ceramics restorer at the V&A Museum, is leaving work when she receives an unexpected phone call. Standing in the haze of the Christmas lights she hears a voice which draws her back twenty-five years – to the tragic death of her best friend. But why does Rose’s father want her to visit him? Why now? And why is he killing her with kindness when they both know that he blames her for what happened to his daughter? Grief and guilt cast terrible shadows, but as this beautifully wrought story unfolds and the scene shifts from London to the fairy tale landscape of the Swedish countryside – and back in time to Eliza’s school days – we learn that generosity, humour and friendship can smooth over and restore even the most broken lives, and that some secrets just can’t be kept hidden…
Read chapter one online.

Frozen Music
What happens when your dearest dreams collide headlong with your principles? And what about when your best intentioned actions cause disaster? Those questions, plus a desire to play with and extend the conventions of romance, led to the writing of Frozen Music. Esther Fisher, a journalist from London and Linus Stendal, prize winning Swedish architect have never met but they have known of each other all their lives through their mothers long-distance correspondence. When they do finally meet they are both in their thirties and at the opposite side of the battle over plans to build a new opera house and the proposed eviction of the old couple who lives on the land earmarked for the project. When circumstances forces them to spend a summer in Linus’s family home on an island off the west coast of Sweden, attraction leads to love and love leads to disaster – at least in the short term.

Purveyor of Enchantment
Clementine is newly divorced, thirty- something, and sharing her house with her much younger half sister Ophelia. ‘Have you ever wondered,’ Clementine asks her sister, ‘why all the females in our family are named after women who died young?’ And when Ophelia, in turn, asks Clementine if there’s anything she is not frightened of, Clementine has to think for a while before replying, ‘Doris Day.’ Then, in the midst of a real crisis, Clementine feels almost relieved; the disaster she has so long predicted had finally occurred. Liberated, she turns from victim to heroine, slays her personal dragon of fears and rescues her own Prince Charming.

1. You must be a European resident to enter.
2. First prize will be signed paperbacks of Drowning Rose, Frozen Music and The Purveyor of Enchantment.
3. Second prize will be a signed paperback of Drowning Rose.
4. No alternate prizes are available.
5. You do not need to be a follower to enter (but it would be nice).
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7. Closing date: 29th March 2010 23:59 BST