Fran might be a hopeless case but she has the perfect boyfriend. On her thirtieth birthday, she’s pretty sure he’s about to propose to her, there’s even a ring box shaped bulge in his pocket… But instead, Michael tells her he needs a break. Three months with no contract. Fran is heart broken and refuses to leave her flat for days, drinking gin and smoking joints. Her loyal friends, Leonie, Stefania and Dave, decide something must be done and set her the eight date plan. Before she even thinks about seeing Michael again, she must go on dates with eight different men.

The title is obviously tongue-in-cheek and Fran can be rather melodramatic at times. There’s a lot of swearing and a lot of drunken behaviour, though my colleagues will definitely identify with Gin Thursdays (replace with Wine Wine Wednesdays). I warmed to her friends more than Fran, lovely big bear-like Dave, Stefania who lives in the shed yet offers sage advice and even the poor misunderstood Alex. Yet I really didn’t want Fran to get back with Michael so I must have cared about her in the end.

I have probably read enough chick-lit to see most things coming now, especially when a character gets the wrong end of the stick. It’s not overly predictable though and there will still be a few avenues for your mind to wander down. There was even one connection I didn’t get before the big reveal.

Of course, to fulfil her eight dates, Fran takes to the internet. Lucy Robinson had previously run a dating blog for Marie Claire and it’s clear that she has drawn from her experiences. Some may say they are completely unbelievable but I say, they have never ventured into the waters of internet dating. There is a lot of strange behaviour out there and all her email exchanges and dates ring true. Not to mention how easy the internet makes it to stalk your ex’s new fling…

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