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I have read and reviewed both books in the Lilith Straight series for this tour. Obviously, if you want the first to be a complete mystery, don’t read the review for Straight to Heaven however they are both as spoiler free as I can manage. Don’t forget to check out the giveaway at the end of the post (hosted by Michelle).

Straight to Hell

When I started the book, I though uh-oh this is sounding like a Queen Betsy rip off โ€“ right from the first page Lilith mentions the day she died…and she was hit by a car. But Lilith doesn’t rise from the dead, instead she must fulfil her family’s destiny and become a succubus, in the employ of the devil… or Miss Spry as the case may be. Don’t worry, it’s not all about sex either, true to her name, Lilith is a temptress but must use her seductive skills to sway the decisions of humans and gain extra souls for the cause.

It’s an easy read although I wouldn’t put it in the paranormal romance sub-genre. It’s not at all romantic or sexy if that’s what you’re after. Yes, there may be a hot demon in Lilith’s life but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Lilith is much more concerned about looking after her daughter and niece, paying the bills and not doing anything too evil.

And maybe that’s my problem with Lilith as a character. All her guilt. She doesn’t really fight against her job but she goes on a bit too much about how awful everything she has to do is. At times it’s really quite funny but it is a little overdone for me and the plot loses its way.

I read a final copy of this book and there were a few sentences that didn’t read quite right. These should be picked up by a good professional proofreader. However the ebook is certainly a bargain if you like light, paranormal reads.

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Straight to Heaven

Following on from Straight to Hell, Lilith is starting to get to grips with her job as seductress. When she’s assigned to Craig to convince him to mail a mysterious package, she is thwarted by a stranger with bright blue eyes. She hopes Miss Spry doesn’t punish her for her failure, she’s a tough boss to work for after all, but there is something special about this case and Lilith is sent back into the field. Soon she learns that she’s got a battle on her hands, the angels are involved and they don’t want to lose this soul.

I found Straight to Heaven the better of these two books. There was more of a structured plot and I got drawn into the fight between good and evil without knowing which side I wanted to win. Lilith is also starting to learn about her demonic powers a bit more and isn’t quite so useless, though she is still far from perfect!

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