Alana and Marco are from different sides of an interplanetary war. As the story opens, Alana is in labour with their child. Can they remain on the run with a baby in tow? Is their offspring symbolic, or just an innocent with rather bad timing? Saga is their tale as they race across space, avoiding bounty hunters, changing nappies and finding a baby sitter.

I got the first two volumes of Saga via a Humble Bundle. I’d heard murmurings of approval before this and it was the main reason I got the comic bundle. I was not disappointed.

I loved the humour and sarcasm. Baby Hazel sort of narrates (she’s telling the story in hindsight, don’t worry). There’s the trials of looking after a baby whilst on the run. I liked that the bounty hunters are 3 dimensional. It might start off with a job for money but ten there is a moral drive to get that money. I also want a Lying Cat. He looks a bit like a very large Devon Rex and will point out whenever someone is lying.

Stunning artwork too. I loved all the different creatures and races. If you’re offended by drawn genitalia, you might want to avoid. There’s not a lot, but there is some. Plus Sextillion is an alien brothel and its occupants aren’t skimmed over. However, instead of rambling on, I’ll leave you with a few pages (don’t worry, I checked for willies).

I’m going to put this down on my Lucky 14 Challenge for #14: Not My Cup of Tea. I have read a few graphic novels before but this is the first time reading a serial comic (although in bind-up form). Clearly this is my cup of tea, but a form that’s not my usual.

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