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Month: March 2015

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday So many exciting books this last fortnight. James Smythe does YA! New James Dawson with hot pink edging! Dragons x2! New Alison Rattle! Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive! I’ve already read Way Down Dark (review closer…

Classics, Science Fiction, Translation


If they do not understand that we are bringing them a mathematically faultless happiness, our duty is to force them to be happy. The forefather of dystopian fiction, the Russian We (confusingly called My in its original language) starts of…


At the Printers

We take the book, as a physical product, for granted a bit. Me and Josh were discussing how they made books one evening which led to much watching of videos on the internet. It’s a fascinating procedure with plenty of…

Young Adult

The Ship

I was born at the end of the world, although I did not know it at the time. Floods, famines, plagues, collapse of governments. The end is nigh. To not be registered is to not exist, their deaths not counted…