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#readathon: hour 9

#readathon: hour 9

Local time: 21:00
Hours spent reading: 8
Pages read: 661
Books finished: 2

Finished a graphic novel, made it through a good chunk of Shtum and eaten dim sum and crispy duck pancakes for dindins. Eyes are feeling a bit tired now and it’s dark outside. Probably time for a caffeine break! I’m going to try and read until at least 2am and then maybe have a few hours sleep.

I have mixed thoughts on Five Ghosts; loved the artwork but the story was lacking in character development. It felt very much an intro to something I’d have to read more of to get anything out of.

Currently reading: Shtum by Jem Lester
Pages read since last update: 308
Books read: The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson, Five Ghosts Volume 1 by Frank J Barbiere + Chris Mooneyham

We’re being punished because we love and care for him and he’s not as good at autism as he could be.

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  1. Ellie

    Good luck with your 2am goal! I'm aiming for maaaaybe midnight or 1am, depending on if or when my tablets kick in. Sometimes they hit me like a ton of bricks at night and make me super tired, sometimes they barely bother me, so I guess I'll just keep reading until I find out one way or the other! *props eyelids open carefully and holds book in front of face* Nailed iiiiit!

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