Local time: 17:00
Hours spent reading: 4
Pages read: 353
Books finished: 1

First book finished! I enjoyed, The Art of Being Normal and had a few teary moments. It’s interesting that it’s endorsed by Anmesty International too, as a reminder that “all humans are born equal”. I’m going to read a graphic novel next, and have a bit of a move around before I seize up!

On the snacks front, I had my quesadillas for lunch and then the Belgian Specaloos from Graze (cinnamon pretzel sticks with cookie goop – yum).

Currently reading: Five Ghosts: Volume 1 by Frank J. Barbiere + Chris Mooneyham
Books read: The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Besides, who wants to be normal anyway? Fancy that on your gravestone. “Here lies so-and-so. They were entirely normal.”

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