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#Readathon Hour 4: Book Spine Poetry

Hour 4: local time 16:00
Total pages read: 146
Hours spent reading: 3
Books finished:
Coffee count: 1
Books: Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire

Pages read since last update: 146
Snacks eaten: Roast gammon and mustard sandwich and more Pom-Bears than is healthy.
Drinks drunk: Tropical squash

I cannot resist book spine poetry and it’s the perfect time to get up and stretch. I may have slightly pre-prepared my poem, just a little bit. But I added extra books just now! Mini challenge hosted by Capricious Reader.

Briar Rose tempting fate
More than this gossip from the forest
The lost, sad monsters, claimed by shadow
Twelve stray souls skulk
Let the games begin…

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  1. Anonymous

    Read, read, read that book,
    Whether on paper or a nook.
    We all know you can do it,
    Your determination will get you though it!
    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp reading. πŸ™‚

    (Ok so you’ve probably gathered I’m terrible at making rhymes, so I will make up for it with my enthusiastic pom pom waving!)

    Wow, I am highly impressed with your spine poetry, you put so much effort into it, that's great. Keep reading, it looks like you're doing great. πŸ™‚

    Team Bear

    1. Ellie

      Can I just say, that is a BLOODY good cheer. Now you just need an awesome nerdy dance routine to go with it!

  2. Nose_in_a_book

    That's a great book-spine poem! I'm not doing the readathon this weekend but I am quite tempted to join in the spine poetry mini challenge.

  3. So many books, so little time

    Only 1 coffee so far, well done, this is my first book-spine poem. I have never heard of it before!


    1. Ellie

      That one coffee had 4 espresso shots in though and it was only 4 o'clock.

    2. So many books, so little time

      I would be rattling and twitching!


  4. Ellie

    Ohhhh my god, Pom Bears! I like the original ones but I haven't had them for at least a year. Taste of my childhood, right there… *sighs nostalgically*

    I really should learn to prep my book spine poetry entries a tiny bit, I'm hopeless and end up wasting half an hour playing around in my book piles trying to create a decent one!

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