Hours spent reading: 12.5
Pages read: 411
Books read: 1

So I fell asleep before the end of the reverse readathon. I’m not sure the reverse hours work so well for me, I like having the event spread over two days, but it was fun to take it a bit more slow. I had a blast co-hosting and will definitely volunteer again.

I did finish The Glass Hotel which I liked a lot more when it started dealing with the Ponzi scheme and the fallout. It made some of the other characters’ sections make more sense, but I still didn’t know why it focused so much on Paul at the start, he doesn’t have a huge role in it.

I also started Midnight Sun, which is definitely way too long. I found it entertaining at first, but I’m not sure I can make it through all of it, especially as I know what happens.

A massive thanks to Gabby and Kate for taking over the event. Head over to Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon to find out more about it. The next readathon will be on October 24th.