How did Harriet Manners – Destroyer of International Fashion Shows, Knocker-Over of Models, Sitter-Downer on Catwalks and Compiler of Compound Nouns – get selected to participate in Paris Couture Fashion Week?

Yay, another Geek Girl, albeit a bite-sized novella! Sunny Side Up is the second Geek Girl special and sits between All That Glitters and Head Over Heels. I had read the latest earlier this year so I was a bit confused about timelines at first but really, it doesn’t matter. There’s no real earth-shattering series points happening, but it is loads of fun.

Harriet and Wilbur are off to Paris Fashion Week and Harriet hopes to get some time with her agent, but of course she’s not the only girl he has to manoeuvre through the streets of Paris. Can Harriet actually be trusted by herself for once?

My main knowledge of fashion shows comes from Next Top Model, but actually some of the set-ups seemed really familiar to what’s been on the show in the past. I loved that one of Harriet’s cock-ups actually turns out beneficial for a friend and she also gets to meet a familiar face from the past.

Sunny Side Up is published by HarperCollins and hits the shelves tomorrow, in hardback and ebook formats. Thanks go to the publisher for providing a copy for review via NetGalley.

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