So Illumicrate has been running for a whole year now and early subscribers got an extra thank you gift in November’s box. When it started there really wasn’t much choice in the UK book subscription box market but it seems to have exploded since. Illumicrate still holds its own and definitely has a certain brand identity now.

I haven’t read all the books I’ve received in the boxes but those I have, I did enjoy. I only received one book I already had, Truthwitch, and I really liked Wolf by Wolf and The Graces. I do intend of reading the others! You can see all my Illumicrate posts here, but now to talk about what was in the latest box.

So the first item is something that wasn’t in every box. As I have been a subscriber since the beginning, I received the sequel to the first book. I am looking forward to reading Blood for Blood. For those not familiar with these books, they are set in an alternate history where the Nazis won the war and there is a supernatural aspect as well.

The main book for this month is The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid. It looks like there are two different versions of the cover in the boxes too. I think it is about an artificially created bodyguard who takes on the persona of the girl she is supposed to protect, set in space. The blurb isn’t drawing me in straight away but I will give it a go, as I trust Daphne’s judgement.

I loved the gift items in this box. I drink black coffee so I am often in need of an extra layer of insulation round my cup and I was considering buying a sleeve. But now I don’t have to! This coffee cosy is from Sparrow + Wolf and has a book pattern. There are also socks, always useful (and I know a lot of people do a Sock Sunday thing on #bookstagram). I’m vaguely aware of the current trend to make scented candles inspired by characters but I have no idea who Aidan is and whether or not this smells like him! It is a nice scent and seems pretty strong.

The evil plans notebook made me chuckle. As always there’s a bunch of postcards and promotional bits and bobs, including a Six of Crows travel card wallet and Wolf by Wolf temporary tattoos.There’s also a sampler of The One Memory of Flora Banks.

Sorry for all the gloomy photos, I need to sort out some winter lighting solution. Meanwhile you can view plenty of bright and cheery photos on Instagram with the #illumicrate hashtag.