Time spent reading: 16 hours approx
Books finished: 4
Pages read: 993

Woo, a successful reading weekend completed! A chunk of today was taken up with Scully’s birthday celebrations, so as expected I didn’t read as much as yesterday. I could carry on going until midnight but I am pretty tired now and just want to zone out.

Compared to Dewey’s it was much more relaxed and I spent at lot more time doing other things. Hence why my total hours and pages read are actually less than I would do trying to read for 24 hours straight. I did do a couple of challenges (shelfie and book spine poetry) although I missed a few that were scheduled overnight that I think I would have done had I seen them.

Books read: Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter, Lost for Words by Stephanie Butland, I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young and Truth or Dare by Non Pratt.

Reviews will be done at some point in the next two weeks if you want to know more about the books.

Book Spine Poem:
Close your pretty eyes,
Let the games begin.
Truth or dare, do no harm.
Only we know it can’t happen here.
Warm bodies, shattered minds.
Dead ever after.