Grade Achieved: E
Career Path: Magizoologist

The Magical Readathon is hosted by Book Roast.

I kinda got a bit distracted reading books that didn’t fit any of the prompts, so I didn’t quite make it to an O grade. So close! I did manage to get all the O.W.L.s required for the magizoologist career, so I’ll be looking forward to taking my N.E.W.T.s later in the year.

O.W.L.s Passed:

Care of Magical Creatures* – Land animal on the cover

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by C.A. Fletcher ☆☆☆☆

A low conflict post-apocalyptic tale that isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems. Read my full review.

Herbology* – Plant on the cover

Be Prepared by Vera Brosgol ☆☆☆☆

Adorable fictionalised graphic memoir about Russian summer camp. Had me chuckling all the way through.

Potions* – Next Ingredient: Sequel

The House of Binding Thorns by Aliette de Bodard ☆☆☆☆

If you haven’t read The House of Shattered Wings, head over to my review to find out more bout this unique urban fantasy set in an alternate Paris ruled by fallen angels. The second book in this series focuses of House Hawthorn, and I loved how this plays out, with me wanting the villain to be OK by the end. I can’t wait for the third book which is out this summer!

Charms* – Age Line: Read an adult work

The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh ☆☆☆

I’m not sure I was in the right mood for this depressing tale of sisters who have been brought up in isolation, led to believe men are literally toxic.

History of Magic – Published at least 10 years ago

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein ☆☆

Not what I was expecting, I didn’t really like the direction this went in. Read my full review.

Transfiguration – Sprayed edges OR red cover

Other Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin ☆☆☆☆☆

Beautifully written and deliciously creepy, I loved this supernatural, Irish coming of age tale. Read my full review.

Divination – Set in the future

Last Ones Left Alive by Sarah Davis-Goff ☆☆☆☆

Honestly, why am I reading so many end-of-the-world books where everyone’s been living on an island? They are starting to blur together but I liked this one, set a long time after the skrake (zombies) have taken over Ireland. Another sad one!

Arithmancy – Work written by more than one author

Dry by Neal + Jarrod Shusterman ☆☆☆☆

California’s water supply is cut off without notice. How far will people go to get water? This tells the tale of two teenagers, one the son of a prepper, as well as other viewpoints. Gripping climate fiction and you know I love some cli-fi.

*Needed for career path