Latest update: 09:30
Hours spent reading: 15.5
Pages read: 744
Books finished: nearly 3

Currently reading: Middlegame by Seanan McGuire

Hour Twenty-Three

Local time: 12:30
Pages read since last update: 138
Ate: cookie dough ice cream

Half an hour to go and I’m feeling like I need a break but I’m gonna finish Middlegame later today. I want to fully appreciate the end. Wrap up post will come later!

I’m going to update this post throughout the readathon rather than doing multiple posts (unless it gets unwieldy, but I very much doubt that). You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Hour Twenty-One

Local time: 09:30
Pages read since last update: 84
Ate: Buttered crumpets
Drank: Coffee

I’m just remembering innocent days when I thought I could read for a full 24 hours. Haha! Now it’s just nice to spend some solid time with a book, and I’m happy with 12 hours of reading and a good night’s sleep. I am absolutely loving Middlegame, but it’s a bit of a chunkster so I am not convinced I’ll finish it by 1 o’clock. Sometimes it’s nice just to get absorbed in a long story over readathon.

Hour Nineteen

Local time: 07:00
Pages read since last update: 0

Emerging from sleep. Need coffee!!!

Hour Twelve

Local time: 00:00
Pages read since last update: 103

Quickie update to note my pages read before I fall asleep! Ate some cheese puffs and drank some Pepsi. Words starting to not make sense…

Hour Nine

Local time: 21:00
Pages read since last update: 258
Read: Barking by Lucy Sullivan
Ate: Garlic chicken, chips and salad
Drank: Mint tea

Barking was a quick read about mental health, which meant I could move onto Middlegame, which will probably keep me going for a good chunk of the readathon. Loving it so far, feels like a unique concept but also very Seanan. Josh made dinner so I am fully charged for the late evening stretch.

Hour Five

Local time: 17:00
Pages read since last update: 245
Read: One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton
Ate: Nachos
Drank: Coffee + raspberry and apple juice (to match my book)

Finished my first book, woohoo! I took ages to settle, tried reading outside for a bit but wasn’t that warm in the end and everyone else being out in their gardens wasn’t conducive to me concentrating! So indoors with a Scully shaped lump squished into me right now (she wants her dinner).

One Italian Summer was the perfect first read, but not as fluffy as I’d expected, so some sad but overall uplifting, and a cute summer romance at its heart.