I read The Galaxy, and the Ground Within this week, it’s the Wayfarers books we all need right now, with a big helping of kindness and a message about bridging divides. I’ll review it in full but my main question is how you imagine the Laru looking? They were totally, adorable, floppy alpacas in my mind. Can’t wait to see the fanart of them.

I also read Kill Joy which is a prequel novella to Holly Jackson’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and it was loads of fun. Pip attends a murder mystery party and it worked really well. It leads up to the point where Pip decides to investigate the town’s murder further.

I’m doing great at reading my pre-orders, getting to a A Stranger in Town by Kelley Armstrong too. I am starting to feel like the Rockton books are getting a bit samey but then I have read them all within a year.

I posted about the books on my radar in March and shared my review of The Gilded Ones. I’d like to increase my posting to two reviews a week but I always seem to get distracted at the weekends…

Spring is starting to, um, spring around town with lots of spring bulbs flowering.

Made it out to the forest at the weekend too. Even though it’s local, the carparks get quite busy as no one has anything else they can do, so we haven’t been much this lockdown. But I find once you walk away from the guided paths, it’s easy to lose everyone.

Scully’s starting to get a bit podgy, so trying to take her on a bit longer walks, which is fine by her. The more mud the better.

And a rock update:

New books acquired:

The Galaxy, and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers
Last One at the Party by Bethany Clift (ebook)
The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean (ebook)
It’s the End of the World by Adam Roberts (ebook)
New Suns by various authors (ebook)
Fake Law by the Secret Barrister (audiobook)
Brown Baby by Nikesh Shukla (audiobook)
[gifted] The Rookery by Deborah Hewitt (Pan Mac)

And a pile of Good Comics from their Kickstarter.