I have managed to put down Planet Zoo enough to pick up a few more of my Wyrd & Wonder reads, but I really have not been in the mood for blogging all that much, so it’s been a bit of a fail on the participation front. I’m pondering whether to sign up for 20 Books of Summer to give me another push to write reviews more frequently…

Since my last check-in I have shared reviews of Hide and the fabulous When Women Were Dragons.

I finished Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse, which was much slower paced than Black Sun and very much a middle book. It’s spending a lot of time setting stuff up for book three, but I still enjoyed it overall. I just love the worldbuilding in this series.

I also read Book of Night by Holly Black, her first foray into writing for adults. I’ll probably write a full review of this, because I have seen a lot negative reviews which seem a bit like people are expecting it to be like her popular YA series. I feel like all her books have pacing issues, this one was a little less weighted towards everything happening at the end like with her other books. It’s dark and the characters are flawed and not always likeable but I will be reading a follow-up if there is one…and there better be!

And I finished off my fortnight’s reading with Under One Roof by Ali Hazelwood, the first of her STEMist novellas to be published in ebook (I just didn’t feel like listening to these). It was a bit of a ridiculous set up but it was cute and fun if you can suspend disbelief for a bit.

The weather has been good to us lately and we’ve had two days running down at the beach. She’s worn herself out now and is snoring on the sofa.

We hope to go camping next month so fingers crossed the weather stays good.

New books acquired:

[gifted] The Book of Gothel by Mary McMyne (Orbit)
Twin Crowns by Katherine Webber + Catherine Doyle
The Legacy of Molly Southbourne by Tade Thompson (ebook)
Coward by Tim Clare (audiobook)
Book Lovers by Emily Henry (ebook)
Yinka, Where is Your Huzband by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn (ebook)
The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont (ebook)