This week I had Susan Earlam on my blog answering some questions about her new book, go check out my Q+A. I also reviewed Jeff VanderMeer’s Hummingbird Salamander which is out this week.

I finished off Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malindo Lo. I thought this historical fiction set in 1950’s San Francisco was excellent, covering a slice of history we don’t usually hear about. Lily is a young Chinese American who starts to have feelings for a classmate and discovers a whole other world in the gay clubs of the city. It is set against a backdrop of McCarthyism, with many Chinese immigrants being accused of Communism and deported. I’ll try and review it fully another day!

I also listened to The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley which wasn’t really my kind of thing. The characters were all so obnoxious and/or clichΓ©d, I really didn’t care for them at all. However I did like the fact that the identity of the victim wasn’t revealed till the end, so you are kept guessing at which one of the guests is dead and which was the murderer. That kept me listening, but I was sorry to hear that her next books sounds very much like the same sort of characters.

I’m currently reading and loving Firekeeper’s Daughter but I spent a big chunk of the weekend painting a fence so I haven’t made much progress with the chunkster. I appear to have more fence than garden! It really wasn’t the right weather to be out doing garden DIY and we ran out of paint way before we finished. There may have been a slight miscalculation about the amount of fence we have.

So not a very exciting life update. Hah, are they ever? I’d really like spring to come back, it’s hardly the weather to go eat and drink al fresco even though we’re allowed now.

Somehow I only gained one new book this week!

New books acquired:

Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock