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Author: Ellie


Dead Reckoning

It’s very hard to review a book from a series without spoiling something that came earlier. Only this week I managed to ruin a series I hadn’t yet started by reading about a recent release. It’s OK though, I’ll bury…


The Novel: Live!

Hotel Angeline: A Novel in 36 Voices should be available to buy today. It was a rather unique literary project which resulted in a really enjoyable book plus 50% of proceeds go to a good cause. Below are a couple…


The Art of Steampunk

The Art of Steampunk is a companion book to an exhibition held by Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science in 2009/2010. You can view a lot of the exhibition content online at the museum’s website. There are 17 international…


The Iliad: Book One

Book one is called “The Rage of Achilles” however there’s a lot of angry bods at the start of The Iliad. It’s like picking up a book that’s number five in a series and wondering what’s going on. Fortunately I…