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Category: Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Long Dark Dusk

Long Dark Dusk is the second book in the Australia trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book, Way Down Dark. Having escaped Australia and survived the crash on Earth, Chan has never been more alone….

Science Fiction

The Book of Phoenix

Phoenix has lived all her short life in Tower 7. She is one of the SpeciMen, an accelerated, genetically modified human being. When the man she loves sees something awful, he takes his own life, leaving Phoenix alone. She soon…

Classics, Science Fiction

I, Robot

I, Robot is a collection of interconnected stories exploring the Three Laws of Robotics. Anyone with even a passing interest in science fiction or robotics will have heard of Asimov’s laws and they have continued to be influential over 65…

5 Star, Science Fiction

The Thing Itself

Two men seeking proof of alien life. The isolation of the Antarctic research station reaches breaking point when one of them starts acting odder than normal. Forever damaged by his experience, Charles returns to a very different life, unable to…

Science Fiction


Don’t you comprehend by now that they don’t feel guilt or pity? Control was built as an incorruptable arbiter, a trustworthy leader… Kenstibec was engineered to build a new world, designed to work in construction with no human desires to…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Cloud 9

Leata; a small pill that takes the edge off life. Nearly everyone takes it and everyone’s happy. Tom’s father was a journalist investigating a story on Leata when he died; the police confirm it was suicide. His father wasn’t on…