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Category: Science Fiction

Classics, Science Fiction

The Kraken Wakes

It all started so slowly. So much, that a number of seemingly unconnected events mostly went unreported for months. But the increase of shipwrecks starts to raise eyebrows. Could there be something in the deepest reaches of the ocean? And…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Echo Boy

Audrey’s father is an activist against the extreme progress of technology. She encouraged to read books and appreciate art. But he wants the best life for his daughter so he gets an Echo, Enhanced Computerized Humanoid Organism, to tutor her….

Science Fiction

The Wicked We Have Done

There’s a controversial new technology that will determine whether criminals should live or die. On trial for acts of terrorism, Evalyn chooses the Compass Room, convinced she will meet her end within the confines of the prison. I know I…

Science Fiction


Burn is the final book in the Pure trilogy and therefore this review contains spoilers for Pure and Fuse. I heartily recommend that you give this trilogy a try! Partridge has taken his father’s place in the dome. This is…

Science Fiction

The Echo

The Echo is the sequel to The Explorer and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. It’s been twenty years since the disappearance of the Ishiguro. A new mission has set out to conduct research on the…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Tainted is the sequel to Broken and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. His father may be gone but life isn’t about to get any easier for Alex Franks. His ex, Hailey, is in town and…

5 Star, Science Fiction


Sally Mitchell is the first person to be saved by their SymboGen implant; a genetically modified tapeworm that has changed medical treatment worldwide. After a near-fatal car crash, she was pronounced brain dead only to reawaken moments before the plug…

Science Fiction


Shift is the sequel to Wool and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. 2345: The human race is living underground. How did we get there and will the world above ever be hospitable again? Like Wool,…