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Category: Science Fiction

5 Star, Science Fiction, Young Adult


Fuse is the sequel to Pure and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. A wretch has been captured by the dome and returned Pure. She comes with a message; return our son. Willux wants Partridge to return to the dome. With…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


The human race is heading toward extinction. A deadly virus wiped out most the population and now those that survive, live together isolated on Long Island with one main aim; to repopulate. Only no babies live more than a few days. Their immune systems are…

Science Fiction

The Man From Primrose Lane

No one really knew the Man from Primrose Lane. Tom Sackett always called him the Man with a Thousand Mittens because each time he left the house he appeared to be wearing a different pair. When he is found brutally murdered, the police try to…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Pressia was only a young child the day of the Detonations. The day that changed the world forever. Those inside the dome were protected but the masses left outside were irrevocably changed; the combination of radiation and nanotechnology leaving them fused with their surroundings. When…

Science Fiction


Whatever you do, don’t say you want to go outside. Holsten is the sheriff of a silo; an underground city keeping its inhabitants safe from the inhospitable outside world. Those living up top see the barren landscape only through the surveillance cameras which can only…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Katya’s World

Katya’s not yet 16 when she receives her apprenticeship to become a navigator on-board her uncle’s submarine, Pushkin’s Baby. On her first voyage as an adult, the Feds bring a prisoner on-board, demanding they change their course to suit his needs, taking them through the…

5 Star, Science Fiction

The Explorer

My crew died in bits and bobs, dribs and drabs, up here, with me. Cormac Easton is a journalist. A journalist left on a space-ship where his crew has died; all alone, contemplating the end. What happened isn’t really the question, they died in mundane…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


“You might think you’re all master-of-your-own-destiny and whatever,” Aubrey said. “But really, you’re caught up in a huge game of Top Trumps.” Scott’s never been one to show off before so he’s not quite sure why he’s climbing a pylon to impress a girl. When…

Science Fiction

The Long Earth

Richmond West 10’s only bookseller exulted with every sale he made to the would-be pioneers who passed through here. Books, printed on paper, every one of them! Dead tree technology! Information that, if carefully stored, would last for millennia! And no batteries required. It ought…