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Category: Science Fiction

Science Fiction

The Girl in the Road

In the not too distant future, two girls flee their homes, both bitten by a snake. Meena must leave Mumbai, and after a chance encounter in a bar, she decides to walk the Trans Arabian Linear Generator; a dangerous and…

Science Fiction


By the time we were ready to cross the border, we knew everything… and we knew nothing. Area X has been controlled by the Southern Reach agency for thirty years. All anyone knows about the Event is that it was…

Science Fiction

The Water Knife

Meteorologists all talked as if there could be records – and record-breakers – as if there were some pattern they could discern. Weather anchors used the word drought, but drought implied that drought could end; it was a passing event,…

Science Fiction

Time and Time Again

Ex-soldier and YouTube star Hugh Stanton has nothing left to live for when he is offered the change of a lifetime. If there was one thing in history you could change, what would it be? Academics at Cambridge have unearthed…

Classics, Science Fiction, Translation


If they do not understand that we are bringing them a mathematically faultless happiness, our duty is to force them to be happy. The forefather of dystopian fiction, the Russian We (confusingly called My in its original language) starts of…

Science Fiction

The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea is the sequel to The 5th Wave and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Holed up in a derelict hotel, Cassie is waiting for a promise to be kept. It might be impossible…