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Tag: 2 stars

Young Adult


I was expecting S.T.A.G.S to be a dark boarding school tale with a hint of horror and was thoroughly looking forward to reading it. Greer has received a scholarship to attend the prestigious school whilst her single father is working abroad. She’s from Manchester and…

Young Adult

The Names They Gave Us

Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of Christian fiction so The Names They Gave Us might resonate more with someone who likes that kind of thing, I don’t know. I thought I should give this book a chance as When We Collided was excellent. From…

Young Adult

Everything, Everything

Maddy is trapped inside her own house. She suffers from a rare disease; she’s allergic to the world. Her mother and nurse do everything they can to keep her safe, limiting her contact with people and ensuring everything that comes into contact is sterilised. Yet…

Science Fiction

Time and Time Again

Ex-soldier and YouTube star Hugh Stanton has nothing left to live for when he is offered the change of a lifetime. If there was one thing in history you could change, what would it be? Academics at Cambridge have unearthed a box containing Newton’s most…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Tainted is the sequel to Broken and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. His father may be gone but life isn’t about to get any easier for Alex Franks. His ex, Hailey, is in town and determined to get him back,…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter is the second book in the Iron Fey series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Meghan made her bargain with the fey. Now she must present herself to the Unseelie court and whatever fate may lie there….

Young Adult

Someone Else’s Life

After watching her mother deteriorate and die from Huntington’s disease, Rosie must face up to the fact that she has a 50% chance of inheriting it. She knows that she can’t bear not knowing but then her neighbour drops a bombshell. Rosie isn’t Trudie’s daughter….

Crime Fiction

Cold Grave

Anya Crichton is looking forward to spending some quality time with her son…even if he ex-husband is in tow. Shortly after boarding their all expenses paid cruise, a teenage girl is found dead. Is she a victim of excess or is there a killer on…

Fantasy, Young Adult

Mystic City

New York is flooded and the city is ruled by the upper classes. Below, the mystics live in the depths, in buildings threatening to crumble into the sea. But mystics must have their powers drained for they are dangerous and a menace to society left…