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Tag: 2 stars

General Fiction

Good as Gold

The great-granddaughter of a Titanic survivor, Edie is writing a thesis on the truth behind the fateful events of 15th April 1912. Heir to a banking fortune, she isn’t interested in the family business and shuns her father’s posh friends. Kit was accused of stealing…

Fantasy, Young Adult

Carpe Corpus

You may remember when I was flying through the Morganville Vampires series, reading them back to back for some light relief. I had to force myself to put them down at the end of Lord of Misrule to get back to my normal reading material….



Following an anthrax attack that kills hundreds of thousands, Finn starts to feel a bit strange. He hopes he isn’t falling ill but become more concerned when he starts blurting out sentences at random. What’s even stranger is that he’s saying things that sound like…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Tris lives in a world where war is no more. The citizens have been divided into factions dependent on what they thought caused the wars in the first place. They are Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Candor and Erudite. I will warn you now, I’m going to…

Crime Fiction

The Crowded Grave

At the site of a ground-breaking archaeological find, a more recent burial is discovered. With an important summit being held in the region, authorities are on the look-out for Basque separatists all the while trying to protect the local foie gras farms from animal activist…

General Fiction

Come Sunday

Abbe grew up in South Africa in the midst of Apartheid but chose to make Honolulu her home with her pastor husband, Greg, and her young daughter, Chloe. One evening she goes out to the movies with Greg, leaving Chloe with a good friend who…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


When Alex convinces his parents to leave him alone for a weekend, little does he know that the world is about to change. Something crashes through the roof of his house, setting it on fire and soon the whole neighbourhood sounds like it is under…

General Fiction

Harvesting the Heart

Paige’s mother left her when she was five years old. Now she is a mother herself could she possibly be capable of doing the same thing? She didn’t plan the pregnancy and she’s having trouble coping which isn’t helped by the fact her husband is…

Crime Fiction, Translation


A house in Athens is burned to the ground, three are dead and one women is left fighting for her life. The women, Sonia, was once a great actress and her ex-lovers, her alcoholic landlord and a policeman, are the only ones who wish to…