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Tag: 2 stars


Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil is the third book in the Morris and Chastain Investigation series by Justin Gustainis. Quincey Morris is a paranormal investigator and Libby Chastain is a white witch and occasionally their work brings them together. This time it’s because a presidential candidate…

Crime Fiction

Death Mask

Kathryn Fox’s crime series follows Dr Anya Crichton, who specialises in dealing with victims of sexual assaults. Malicious Intent and Without Consent were both excellent reads but her novels have gone slowly downhill since and I think Death Mask might be the end for me….

Science Fiction

The Final Evolution

The Final Evolution is the fifth book in the Avery Cates sci-fi series by Jeff Somers. I will disclose the fact that I haven’t read the first four books and therefore my review is not from the point of view of someone following the series….

Crime Fiction

Mortal Remains

Mortal Remains is the UK title for Spider Bones and is the thirteenth book in Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan series. The book covers an area which is the staple work of most forensic anthropologists, identifying vitcims of conflicts. In this case, Tempe is called in…

Crime Fiction, Short Stories

Unsavory Delicacies

Russell Brooks contacted me and asked if I’d review his collection of short stories, Unsavory Delicacies. My normal forays into short fiction include some pretty awesome authors so it’s difficult for me to compare but I did find these three “thrillers” very easy reading. The…


Amore and Amaretti

AT A GLANCE: Genre: Non Fiction — Food — Memoir Setting: Florence, Italy 2/5 Stars (OK) Victoria Cosford is an Australian food writer who also teaches Italian cookery classes. Amore and Amaretti is a memoir of her time spent in Tuscany and is a recent…

Fantasy, Young Adult

Night World

As someone about to leave their twenties behind, I’m not the target audience for young adult books. Even though I enjoyed the Twilight Saga, I didn’t rate it particularly highly and am not searching for a substitute. I do however think there are some quality…