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Tag: 3 stars



When humanoid bones are found in a remote dig in Israel, scientists start going missing. Ex war correspondent Ethan Warner is called in to conduct a missing persons search for Lucy and keep it under the radar to prevent derailing…

Chick-Lit, Romance

Chocolate Wishes

Is the sleepy Lancashire village of Sticklepond ready for Gregory Warlock’s paganism and Chloe’s chocolate fortunes? Chloe runs a chocolate business from her family home with Grumps (aka Gregory Warklock), a well known pagan author who has been known to…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Bomber

Annika has been promoted to the head of crime at the Evening Post, a major Stockholm newspaper, when a report comes in of an explosion at the Olympic stadium. She’s determined to get the best angle on the story and…

Science Fiction


It starts in the same way as Feed, with someone poking a zombie with a stick but soon departs in a different direction. If you haven’t read Feed yet, then this review will contain spoilers for the first book in…

Crime Fiction

Already Gone

Jake is minding his own business after a night in a bar when two men grab him and cut off his ring finger. Jake’s just a normal guy and believes that it’s just a random act of violence but the…


Black Swan Rising

Garet is a jewellery designer in New York who lost her mother in a tragic car crash. She never got to hear her mother’s last words over the noise of the jaws of life but the moment is scarred onto…

Crime Fiction

Flash and Bones

It’s saying something that I chose a Temperance Brennan book as an easy going in-flight read. I remember the days when they were quite challenging, trying to decipher medical terms and a smattering of French. I can’t decide if Kathy…

Crime Fiction, Short Stories


I’ve been busy this week so was thrilled to find a Rizzoli and Isles freebie for the Kindle. When an emaciated girl is found dead all signs point to vampires but of course our detective and pathologist don’t believe in…