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Tag: challenge


Winners Announced!

I bet you’d thought I’d forgotten about my sci-fi challenge? It was just a bit of a pain to collate all the separate linky lists. Never again! It is quite obvious looking back that the participation dropped off when I stopped the monthly giveaways. I…


2013 Translation Challenge

Translated fiction is becoming much more popular these days but there are still lots of readers who ignore it. Reading international fiction is a great way to see different sides of other countries’ culture and every-day life as well as opening up a whole new…


November Sci-Fi Link-Up

This month, I’d love to encourage you to read a book picked from the linkies from throughout the year. You can pick either one of the previous group reads or one of the many varied personal choices bloggers have been reading. I hope this might…


October Sci-Fi Link-Up

I felt like we should have some more literary science fiction this month and Adam Roberts name pops up a lot in that area. Whilst I would like to read my gorgeous copy of Jack Glass, I have been trying to avoid picking new hardback…


September Sci-Fi Link-Up

In the spirit of Me Month, I am picking a book for you without a democratic vote (a.k.a. last minute rush poll). Part of this sci-fi challenge was to challenge your preconceptions of the genre (how’s that working for you anyway?) and another group of…


Book Spine Haiku

I love book spine poetry and I always looks forward to seeing what people come up with in the now traditional Bout of Books challenge. Hosted by bookgoonie, today’s challenge goes one step further and we have to form our books into a haiku. I…