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Tag: covers


Books of the Rainbow

My friend Mike made this for me from my Goodreads shelves. I wrote a pointless application using Goodreads to order books by colour, it didn’t work too well with my 160 books, but yours is ace! You should rearrange your…


Scary Cover #1

I was looking something up when I got side-tracked on Wikipedia, you know how that happens, and I stumbled across this nightmare inducing cover for The Children of Men: So now I’m on a mission to find the scariest covers…


The Canons

I while ago I mentioned how the cover of Life of Pi was putting me off reading it. A few days later a Canongate catalogue dropped through the door and lo and behold, what has been revamped? Life of Pi…


Spot The Difference

I’ve asked Snowbooks about this on Twitter as it could just be that the self published author picked the same stock image but I find it unlikely as they are SO similar. Even if they are both stock images, I…