The people have spoken. This month I set a poll with a few choices for our optional group read, with a trend towards classics. It looks like a lot of you want to read Philip K. Dick’s science fiction masterpiece or want to revisit it because it beat the others hands down. Yes, in February we will be reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? the book that inspired Blade Runner.

Being a classic, there are a variety of covers out there! Do share if you find a good one. Some of these really do give the wrong impression of the book, either futuristic farming or android erotica. Don’t worry, it’s neither of those things! Unless Blade Runner was a huge departure from the original…

As before, this readalong is entirely optional, you can carry on reading your own choices for the challenge. I do ask those of you who have not yet linked up your January reads, to do so by 3rd February in order to qualify for the giveaway (a sci-fi paperback of your choice).

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? should be easily available from your usual retailers or second hand sources. If you are in the UK and fancy reading a selection of classic science fiction titles, you could do worse than the Gollancz 50th Anniversary Fantasy Collection from The Book People; ยฃ8.99 for 8 books including this one.