This week’s Top Ten (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is all about covers that we’d like to re-design.

I’m imagining that a lot of people will have some classics on their top tens this week as they have a tendency to have bad covers… However I’m in love with the newer Vintage Classics cover design; they even have lovely red spines that match my main bookcases! Every now and again I’ll replace a favourite classic with one of theirs.

I’m a big fan of good design and that extends to my books. I’m not such a cover snob that I won’t read something with a cover I dislike but I am drawn to a striking or pretty cover. I seem to have a high percentage of covers that I love but I managed to pick out ten that could do with a revamp.

Yes it’s a pretty cover but I feel it’s a bit misleading. A Vintage Affair is a slight detour from Isabel Wolff’s normal fayre and isn’t a fluffy romance read. It’s a rather moving book about guilt and loss which you’d never guess from this design. I have seen a new edition out that is a slightly better fit so someone at Harper must have got the message.


I’m quite fond of Kitty but the covers are just so tacky. The last two releases in the series have had slightly better covers (in the UK at least) but they’re still not inspiring. Unfortunately this is a fate suffered by many urban fantasy books.


I don’t really like covers that have a photo of a child on them. Previously I’ve completely avoided these books but I had a few recommendations from friends and it turns out these books aren’t always full of family mush.

I understand this is a serious, journalistic endeavour but my god the cover makes it look boring! I certainly wouldn’t have picked this up in a shop and it’s only on my TBR as I’d read an article about it.


Maybe it’s the kid on the cover again but something about this one makes me think the book would be a bit twee. In my review on Goodreads, I described it as a very ‘real’ book and it got full marks. Another one that does have some other designs that are an improvement.

My copy is starting to fall apart but I haven’t found cover I really like yet. This one’s not too bad and I’d quite like my vintage copy if it was in good nick.


Maybe the uninspiring cover is the reason that I still haven’t read this uber popular book. What is it with headless people anyway? I wonder if they don’t have model releases and therefore don’t want people recognising them…I wouldn’t put it past some companies to be taking images off the internet without permission. I know one Flickr contact opened a holiday supplement one Sunday to see one of her self portraits on a double page spread…and no they hadn’t paid or asked for it.

You’d think with all the money they’re raking in, they’d come up with more exciting covers for the whole series. All the hype has sort of put me off reading these although I have 2 out of 3 on my TBR. Thinking about it, there seems a high number of covers with bare backs on them… There’s strange trends out there in the cover design world.

Looking at this cover on my laptop, it doesn’t look all bad, but sat on my shelves the blue/orange combo gets on my nerves. Another one I haven’t read yet…a nicer colour scheme might draw me in.

Considering I paid good money for a limited edition copy of this, I don’t like the cover at all. It’s slightly better in person and the actual book binding is top quality but I’m no fan of the illustrator (both inside and out).