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Tag: games

Translation, Young Adult


There is a disc being passed round at Nick’s school. It’s shrouded in secrecy, no one will talk to him about it when he asks. One day, he finally gets given a copy but only after he has sworn to silence. It is a game,…

Science Fiction

Ready Player One

In a not too distant future, the economy has crumbled, energy is hard to come by and earth’s population is living on top of each other in the cities. Literally. Wade lives in a trailer park where the homes are stacked on top of each…



Something a little bit different today, I’ve been playing a computer game! A colleague recommended Machinarium to me after I’d shown him The Art of Alice. It’s a simple point and click, Flash based puzzle game which means it will run on the most basic…


The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

  If you’ve been living in a box without eye-holes, or are just not at all interested in computer games, you may not be familiar with American McGee’s incarnation of Alice. This book accompanies the game’s sequel and contains pages upon pages of glorious artwork,…