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The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

If you’ve been living in a box without eye-holes, or are just not at all interested in computer games, you may not be familiar with American McGee’s incarnation of Alice. This book accompanies the game’s sequel and contains pages upon pages of glorious artwork, from sketches to stunning land and city-scapes.

For artists, illustrators, game designers and fans of Alice, it really is a visual treat. It’s dark, surreal and gothic yet strangely beautiful. The final renderings are very painterly and the design team were encouraged to include Chinese elements in the style.

I’m not a big gamer myself, but looking through this book has made me want to play the game (out 17th June 2011 in the UK). I’m not sure my laptop will be able to cope with it without a bit of TLC though! The Art of Alice: Madness Returns is available now in hardback.

Thank you to Dark Horse Comics for providing me with an electronic copy to drool over and review!

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  1. Raimy from Readaraptor Hatchling

    Wow! The artwork is beautiful! πŸ˜€ I must look into this game and book combo! πŸ˜€ Thanks for letting me know about the book (I already knew about the game!) x

  2. Angela's Anxious Life

    LOVE IT! I love graphic novels!

    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

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