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Tag: readalong


Titus Groan

So, I have reached then end of book one of the Gormenghast trilogy and it has been overall an enjoyable experience. As I’ve previously mentioned, the prose is extremely descriptive and may not be to everyone’s tastes. Certainly, if you’re…

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β€œWhat sort of thing, Irma, my dear? What sort of thing are you referring to? I have done all sorts of things, I have removed a gallstone the size of a potato, I have played delicately upon my violin while…

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I’m reading Gormenghast both for the “Books I Should Have Read By Now” challenge and as part of Jackie‘s readalong. I think 100 pages a week is a pretty good target as Mervyn Peake’s trilogy is very wordy! I may…


The Iliad: Book One

Book one is called “The Rage of Achilles” however there’s a lot of angry bods at the start of The Iliad. It’s like picking up a book that’s number five in a series and wondering what’s going on. Fortunately I…