OK, not The Odyssey but The Iliad which comes first. Though either they got very, very lost on the way back, or they must have had some sort of odyssey on the way to Troy which Homer didn’t write about. Must have been uneventful and full of war-mongering songs.

Over at A Literary Odyssey, there’s an Iliad readalong for May. Whilst we only need to check in twice during the month, no doubt I’ll be sharing tidbits of information or just stopping by to go WTF?

I decided to get the Fagles translation on my Kindle as my paper copy contains The Odyssey as well so it’s huge. There is a big difference between the Robert Fagles and George Chapman translations, so I do recommend that you spend a few pennies to get the easier text (published by Penguin).

If all goes well, I’ll be finished before I get to I in my mythology A-Z and I can share a dummies guide with you.

Sign up is here if you want to join in.