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Month: October 2011

Readathon, Uncategorized

#readathon 4:00

TIME: 17:00 STATUS: SNUFFLY PAGES READ: 172 Oh no, I think I’ve got a cold. Only at the snuffly stage (no pun intended as I’m reading Snuff) so going to plough through it. Snuff is turning out to be a cross between Jane Austen and…


#readathon 2:00

TIME: 15:00 STATUS: GOING STRONG PAGES READ: 89 Off to a slow start but enjoying Snuff and lots of laughing out loud. I wish I was a speedy enough blogger to join in the mini challenges, but I need to get more immersed in my…

Readathon, Uncategorized

#readathon 0:20

TIME: 13:20 STATUS: ALIVE PAGES READ: 17 OK checking in earlier than expected because the link for the intro meme went up after I’d done my first post. 1)Where are you reading from today? Bournemouth, UK (currently sat at the dining table next to the…


#readathon 0:00

TIME: 13:00 STATUS: ALIVE PAGES READ: 0 Books, check. Snacks, check. Coffee, check. Sanity…er. So I’m embarking on Dewey’s 24 hour readathon today. That’s 24 hours solid of reading! I’ll do my best to stay awake as I’m fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Society and I…

Science Fiction


It starts in the same way as Feed, with someone poking a zombie with a stick but soon departs in a different direction. If you haven’t read Feed yet, then this review will contain spoilers for the first book in the trilogy. The narration moves…

Classics, Uncategorized

The Great Gatsby

So, The Great Gatsby. It’s set in a superficial Long Island community and is narrated by Nick who is somewhat an outsider in a smaller, less glamourous house next door to Mr Gatsby. He seems to do lunches and goes on excursions with his cousin…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

21st Century Dodos

Hands up if you remember cap guns, cigarette candy and the screech of a tape loading to play your favourite pixellated computer game? If so, you’ll find this book a nostalgic, fuzzy-feeling and amusing trip down memory lane. If you follow @meandmybigmouth on Twitter, then…