Claire is only sixteen but she’s clever and has been accelerated in school twice so she’s heading off to university early. Whilst she got accepted to several top schools, her parents think she’s too young to go out of state so she has to go to the small university in Morganville. When she makes the popular girl in the dorms feels stupid, she soon becomes the victim of incessant bullying and starts to fear for her life. She’s determined to find a room off campus where she feels safe but little does she know the secret of Morganville. It’s run by vampires.

For those of you thinking โ€œoh no, not another soppy teen vampire seriesโ€ Morganville is run by proper vampires, that would rather eat students than date them. Despite the dangers of the vampires, Clare’s fears of bully Monica are the strongest and her feelings are of helplessness. One thing I enjoyed was the fact that, other than the vampires, the characters live a pretty normal student/young adult existence, with a small repertoire of meals, part time jobs and not a lot of money for clothes.

And a warning, the cliffhanger ending will leave you reaching for the next instalment.

I think it’s going to be a really enjoyable series and I can blame/thank Hannah for her recommendation. If you’re interested (for yourself or for a present) the first six books can be bought as a set for only ยฃ6.99 from The Book People.