AKA In My Mailbox

As I have only received two books this week I didn’t think it worthwhile recording a vlog. I’d been discussing how I’d been waiting for the cheap paperback version on SJ Watson’s Before I go to Sleep on Twitter and a few days later a copy turned up from Transworld. Concidence or book fairy, either way I’m happy.

I also bought myself a copy of Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch as it has dipped below my must resist buying price threshold. I do quite like having the next book in a series to hand anyway just in case I can’t bear the wait. Although the Kindle is handy for such occurances I still don’t like paying normal book price for an ebook. Yeah, yeah I know the cost of the book is more than the binding and that ebooks have 20% VAT but it’s how I feel.

Before I go to Sleep
Moon Over Soho

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