I’m glad it’s pile and not piles, could have made for some unfortunate misunderstandings. March is Review Copy Cleanup month in order to get up to speed with our review reading. Prior to Wednesday, my pile (of print copies at least) was fairly modest…

…and then I went to Simon & Schuster…

So I’m not going to get through all of these this month. I do plan on reading a lot of first chapters so I can decide what goes to the front of the queue and what maybe isn’t my thing. There are also of course a wealth of ebooks that I have hiding on my Kindle that I hope to sort through too. No links to Goodreads today as it will take me all night, but here’s the list:

Adam – Jacquelyn Frank
The Extinction Club – Jeffrey Moore
Good as Gold – Louise Patten
Divas – Rebecca Chance
Bad Girls – Rebecca Chance
Bad Sister – Rebecca Chance
The Hunger Trace – Edward Hogan
The Night Stalker – Chris Carter
The Red Queen – Philippa Gregory
The White Queen – Philppa Gregory
The Age of Miracles – Karen Thompson Walker
The Bellwether Revivals – Benjamin Wood
Something of the Night – Ian Marchant
The Humorist – Russell Kane
The English Monster – Lloyd Shepherd
Under the Same Stars – Tim Lott
The Book of Summers – Emylia Hall
Slash and Burn – Colin Cotterill
The Garden of Evening Mists – Tan Twan Eng
The Light Between Oceans – ML Stedman
Azazeel – Yousef Ziedan
The Dark Valley – Valerio Varesi
The Mattress House – Paulus Hochgatterer
The Lady of the Rivers – Philippa Gregory
The Women of the Cousins’ War – Philippa Gregory et al.

Napier’s Bones – Derryl Murphy
Darkness Falling – Peter Crowther
Guy Langman Crime Scene Investigator – Josh Berk
Goddess Interrupted – Aimee Carter
The Bird Saviors – William J. Cobb
A Greyhound of a Girl – Roddy Doyle
Erebos – Ursula Poznanski
Death by Petticoat – Mary M Theobald
Emerald City – Alicia K. Leppert
The Golden Scales – Parker Bilal
Debris – Jo Anderton
DΓ©jΓ  Vu – Ian Hocking
Flashback – Ian Hocking
No One to Trust – Julie Moffett
Cain – JosΓ© Saramago
Smuggled – Christina Shea
Mule – Tony D’Souza

There may possibly be others but those are what I’ve found so far! I’ll be doing a vlog on Sunday to talk a bit more about the new arrivals.