Yesterday, the lovely people at Simon & Schuster in London hosted a little blogger event with four wonderful authors. Thank you for having us and for all the lovely books (they even provided bags for us to fill). I’m sure a few of us have sore shoulders today.

I didn’t take notes, and if I had, they probably wouldn’t have been much use. One thing I did learn at university was that I am crap at taking notes. However I heard frantic scribbling behind me so there are bound to be some more comprehensive blog posts out there if you look.

Penny Hancock – @Pennyhancock

Penny is the author of Tideline which I reviewed earlier this year. I was having terrible trouble trying to explain how Tideline made me feel uncomfortable but that it was just me and she was just lovely. I think her love of the Thames really comes through in her writing and I was excited to hear that her next book would also feature the river.
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Lloyd Shepherd – @lloydshep

Today is the launch of Lloyd’s debut, The English Monster, historical fiction set on the banks of the Thames in 1811. A reader of science fiction and graphic novels – I know, you wouldn’t expect this from his book’s genre but it seems common that writers don’t read their own genres. I recommended Warm Bodies to him when put on the spot but he’d already read it (and enjoyed it, there that’s two of us that say so, go read it, and of course buy The English Monster whilst you’re at it).
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Rebecca Chance

Rebecca is one of those people who can just make you laugh and feel included. I think a lot of people left with her novels even though they might not be their thing. She previously wrote crime fiction but has since turned her hand to bonkbusters; Bad Sisters, Divas and Bad Girls. Sensible lady, she is not on Twitter but you can like her Facebook page. I also learned from her not to bother with Marble Arch Primark and that my local stores are much better (important stuff).
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Benjamin Wood – @bwoodauthor

Another debut author, The Bellwether Revivals, which has been likened to Brideshead Revisited by a few sources so I’m looking forward to it. Brideshead is one of my favourite books but I’ll let Benjamin off for saying it isn’t perfect, but then what is a perfect novel? Lovely Treez gave The Bellwether Revivals a big thumbs up on her blog. I babbled on a bit about surviving the apocalypse and he suggested me power ereaders with a dynamo battery. Anyone out there care to offer and estimate of how much you need to peddle to turn over the page on a Kindle?
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Obviously, more details of the books forthcoming when I read and review them. I don’t think I’ll be giving up my day job to become a celebrity interviewer any time soon either!