AKA Showcase Sunday

I love Canongate! It’s official. Lovely package arrived from them including Patrick Ness’ new novel for adults. I am so excited. Whilst it looks like I overdid the book buying this week, they were mostly ordered a couple of weeks ago with the exception of the Jo Nesbo (which was ยฃ2.99 in Tesco and yes I forgot to include it in the photo). So I know I don’t have the will-power to do an outright book buying ban but I have put some restrictions on what I can buy:

Tesco books of the week
Series books
Favourite authors
Wishlist books on offer too good to miss
Translated books for challenge

What I am not allowing myself to do is buy books I’ve never heard of before because they’re cheap or doing multi-buy offers. So I do really need to avoid The Works and Tesco paperback charts which make me buy multiples when I really could have managed the one. I also need to avoid getting books just because it seems the whole world and its dog is reading them.

For review:
The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness (Canongate)
A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (Canongate)
The Goddess Chronicle by Natsuo Kirino (Canongate)
The Specimen by Martha Lea (Canongate)
Control Point by Myke Cole (Headline)
Fortress Frontier by Myke Cole (Headline)
Dare You To by Katie McGarry (MIRA Ink)

Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire
A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire
One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire
An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire
Survivors: The Animals and Plants that Time has Left Behind by Richard Fortey
Phantom by Jo Nesbo

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