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Month: March 2013


Between Two Thorns

Sam was just looking for a place to empty his beer-filled bladder when he stumbles onto something he should in the grounds of the museum in Bath. Meanwhile, in London, Cathy is living a nice normal life with a nice…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Sometimes random book post can turn up something exciting. The String Diaries turned up literally tied up in string and with a passionate message from the editor. It’s been billed as for fans of The Historian (like)…


Devil’s Due

Devil’s Due is the sequel to Devil’s Bargain and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Ben McCarthy is getting out of prison and Lucia Garza is there to welcome him…and offer him a job. The private…


Q+A with Lloyd Shepherd

Lloyd Shepherd, author of The English Monster and The Poisoned Island, has stopped by the blog to answer some of my questions on the themes, places and history of his latest book (out now in hardback and ebook formats). Author…

Crime Fiction

Pretty Girl Thirteen

Angie is thirteen years old when she goes missing. Next thing she knows, she’s standing outside her family home with scars on her ankles and wrists. Three whole years have passed but to Angie, she’s only been gone a few…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I’ve had my eye off the Mo Hayder ball; I thought there would be no more books in the Jack Caffery series and then Poppet sneaked up on me. So excited to catch up with these characters…

Historical Fiction

The Poisoned Island

The Solander docks in London laden with botanical specimens gathered for Tahiti. Sponsored by Sir Joseph Banks, the voyage was a successful endeavour to bring back the island’s hidden treasures to Kew and the Royal Society. When Charles Horton of…