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#Readathon – Hour 5

Official hours spent reading: 4
Actual hours spent reading: 7*
Pages read: 378
Books: Kitty Steals the Show, The Iron King
Books finished: 1

Coffee count: 2

Since last update:
Food eaten: many crudites with very yummy goats cheese and red pepper dip and a rice krispies square.
Pages read: 238

*Subtract standard 20% internet faffing time.

Have spent quite a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram, keeping up with all the #readathon activity. I’m going to try and read a bit more in the next four hours… shoo me off the interwebs if you see me. I also have done challenges! Book spine poetry cannot be ignored:

Dead if I don’t breathe,
What comes next?
Join me where the devil can’t go;
Dead man’s land.

And a rather deranged self portrait for the hour 5 challenge (yes I have weird shadows on my head – it’s the net curtains’ fault).

Hour 5 – Get up and move it move it!

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  1. Ellie

    Rice Krispies squaaaaare! Yay, I knew you'd manage to eat something that wasn't vegetables. *pats Ellie happily* You have done well, little grasshopper.

    Also, that is the most amazing self-portrait EVER. I think I love you a little bit, and not just because I've had more coffee than usual today. Keep up the good work, and HAPPY READING! πŸ˜€

    1. Ellie

      I am a self portrait pro from my days of doing 365 projects on Flickr. I have some seriously kick-ass ones. Are you sure you're not been drinking something stronger than coffee?

  2. Anonymous

    I tried to prepare a goat cheese snack, too, only to discover I'd left said cheese in the fridge a bit too long. Ew.

    Okay, back to reading!

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