The One is the final instalment of The Selection trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for previous books The Selection and The Elite.

It’s not long now until the prince must make his choice. America may not have wanted to be in The Selection in the first place but she’s come to realise Maxon means something to her. Will her fear of expressing her true feelings get in the way of a happily ever after? With four girls left in the running and rebel attacks on the increase, the heat is on for the potential future Queen of Illia.

And suddenly all of it was funny. All the arguing, the wicked faces, the little tricks – they felt like a really long joke.

This seems to be the year for finishing trilogies and I’m glad I stuck with this one. It’s such indulgent reading, a bit like watching America’s Next Top Model, but with rebels and royalty. I’ve freely admitted to not liking things in these books, but by now I’ve forgotten the details that really got on my nerves and I was able to sit back and enjoy the show. Will America be The One or will she be beaten to the crown?

Some might say it’s a foregone conclusion, but I was forever doubting America and Maxon’s relationship. He isn’t getting rid of The Elite any time soon. His father is still in severe opposition and getting meaner towards her. And America isn’t being very honest with herself or either of the boys regarding her feelings for Aspen.

I enjoyed the relationships between the final girls. Where they start to see each other as real people and walls come down. The Queen had such little parts but that didn’t mean her fate wasn’t important to me. I wanted her to be more than just the King’s wife. There’s a lot more political manoeuvring and tough choices in this one too.

If you wanted to throw The Selection at the wall, I’d probably suggest avoiding the rest. But if, like me, you found it entertaining despite its faults, do read on. I am only a little sad that I won’t get to find out what’s in Illia’s future. There is political change afoot but we may never know…

Has anyone read the short stories that go along with this trilogy? Are they worth reading?

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