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Tag: dystopia

Classics, Science Fiction, Translation


If they do not understand that we are bringing them a mathematically faultless happiness, our duty is to force them to be happy. The forefather of dystopian fiction, the Russian We (confusingly called My in its original language) starts of in a utopian society. Someone…

Young Adult

The Ship

I was born at the end of the world, although I did not know it at the time. Floods, famines, plagues, collapse of governments. The end is nigh. To not be registered is to not exist, their deaths not counted by those left in charge….

Science Fiction, Young Adult


In 2014 sea levels rose to destructive heights. Those with the means fled in boats, sailing until they found land. These refugees set about creating Land, a place where everyone had their assigned purpose. Sixty years later, the population is divided, the colour of their…

5 Star, Classics, Science Fiction

The Chrysalids

I certainly did not feel unusual. I was a normal little boy, growing up in a normal way, taking the ways of the world about me for granted. Waknuk is a district of law-abiding, God-respecting people, where deviations and blasphemies are not tolerated. Any crop…

Young Adult

The One

The One is the final instalment of The Selection trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for previous books The Selection and The Elite. It’s not long now until the prince must make his choice. America may not have wanted to be in The…

Young Adult


Yesterday, Kitty wouldn’t face the consequences of stealing an orange. But today is Kitty’s seventeenth, today she could be killed for that theft. She has just been tested, she is a III. She was hoping for a IV but now her life has been decided…

5 Star, Science Fiction


Jenna Strong has been imprisoned for the murder of her parents. The year is 2113 and the Independent Republic of Britain is ruled by ACID; the Agency for Crime Investigation and Defence. After two years of surviving as the only girl in maximum security prison,…

Young Adult

The Elite

The Elite is the sequel to The Selection and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. America Singer is still in the running to win the hand of the prince of Illea. Six girls remain; they are the Elite. Life in the…

Fantasy, Young Adult

Mystic City

New York is flooded and the city is ruled by the upper classes. Below, the mystics live in the depths, in buildings threatening to crumble into the sea. But mystics must have their powers drained for they are dangerous and a menace to society left…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


The human race is heading toward extinction. A deadly virus wiped out most the population and now those that survive, live together isolated on Long Island with one main aim; to repopulate. Only no babies live more than a few days. Their immune systems are…