Royal Tour is the sequel to The Potion Diaries and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book.

Sam may have cured Princess Evelyn of her disastrous love potion but she’s still at risk of her power overwhelming her. Time’s running out and when it does she’ll have to marry, even if it’s not for love. Sam agrees to accompany the princess on her royal tour so she can keep her safe with a power binding potion, and try and find more powerful ingredients while she’s at it. Days before she’s due to leave, her grandfather is attacked, taking his memories and possibly a family secret. Could the recipe his attacker was after be the one thing that could save Evelyn?

I love these books, they are so much fun but also full of heart. At the heart of everything Sam does is her friends and family; she is far more eager to help people than for fame or fortune. Unfortunately, there’s just too many people in need of saving, especially when she has powerful enemies. Still, there’s time for a bit of fun; a glamourous ball with her boyfriend and best friend.

I think about all the wonderful sights in Kingstown, sights that people travel from all over the world to see. The mermaid gathering practically on our doorstep. The prancing kelpies in High Park. Do I really appreciate what’s in my own backyard? I don’t think that I do. We become immune to the wonders on our doorstep.

Combined with the royal tour, the hunt for her great-grandmother’s potion diary takes Sam all over this richly imagined world. I’ve been enviously following Amy’s travels via her Instagram and many of the far flung places she’s visited lately form the basis for Sam’s adventures. I liked that the story talked about the impact on different cultures by those who feel they can come in, take what they want and leave.

There’s plenty of characters from the first book making a reappearance and it’s great to see this kind of fantasy where characters’ morals aren’t so black or white. I’m so glad the ending implies there will be another book!

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