Last summer Skye’s sister died in the family swimming pool. This summer she is attending a summer camp, one specifically designed to help teens deal with their grief. When she starts receiving messages from someone pretending to be her sister, Skye doesn’t know what to believe, but she does know her sister was mixed up in something bad. I someone out to get her now?

Yellow is the colour of bereaved teenagers. The colour that doesn’t suit anyone.

I picked this up because as a kid I loved reading about other kids being sent off to pony camp for the summer. That seemed like the perfect summer to me. Getting back on point, there’s no ponies here and it’s probably more similar to an American summer camp. Plus, this camp turns out to be far from the perfect summer.

However, the more I read it, the more I wondered about the wisdom of sticking a bunch of bereaved teenagers in one place and then forcing them to take part in team activities. A nightmare for any introverts among them. Do these places actually exist? Skye is a bit detached through the whole thing, explainable by her grief and guilt, but Fay is so out of place. My heart went out to her.

Skye isn’t the easiest character to like and she’s also not designed to be someone to hate. She doesn’t seem too keen on the camp, probably just doing it to appease her parents, although the location is also near where they used to live. Despite her apathy, she is a good person, but spends a lot of time thinking about her own problems, understandable in her situation.

The story does lead you astray and it’s not too predictable. It is a pretty quick book to read, I shy away from calling it light due to the issues involved, but it’s definitely one you could read over an afternoon without straining your brain.

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